Reality spreading

Heck, no, we don’t mean the US political campaign is beginning to be full of truth and good nature. But after a long dry spell, Kamaaina Loan blog can again report on pawn-based reality teevee programming.

The reality pawn audience seemed to have peaked  and then Chumlee of “Pawn Stars” got himself arrested on drug and weapons charges, which sort of cooled things down.

But British papers report that Australia’s  top shock jock (Kyle Sandilands and no, we never heard of him either) has signed for a pawn show on Australia’s channel 9 to be called “Meet the Hockers.” What’s a stuffed koala bear worth, anyway?

Meanwhile, back on America’s top pawn show, the gossip sites are reporting that Chumlee will plead guilty to one each of drug and weapons charges, but nothing on the original sex assault or harassment complaint, of which few details were ever revealed.

He will, they say, get probation and after completing it successfully will have his charges knocked down from felonies to misdemeanors. His social media accounts claim he will return to the show sometime.

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