Kamaaina Loan: Maui’s Trusted Pawn Shop for 44 Years

Kamaaina Loan is licensed by the state of Hawaii as a pawn shop. Pawn shops loan money to people who bring in valuable items (known as “collateral”) which they leave with the pawnbroker. Borrowers get their items back upon repayment of the loan with interest within an agreed-upon time limit. If the loan isn’t repaid, the pawn broker can sell the valuable items to another customer to get back the money they loaned.

How does pawn work?

1. Bring your items in to pledge
2. We evaluate your items and make you an offer to loan or purchase. There are NO CREDIT CHECKS.
3. Accept our offer and we give you cash –
4. You may redeem your items at any time within 60 days of loan initiation or interest payment.

When is interest due?

Interest becomes due at 2-week intervals, but there is no penalty for paying off the loan at any time. Loans may be extended by paying interest already owed.

What if I don’t have collateral?

If you do not have collateral to pledge, you may qualify for a signature loan. Interest becomes due at 2-week intervals but the loan may be paid off at any time.

How long can I borrow money for?
Loan Term: 1 to 61 days

What if I need to extend the loan?
Simply ask for an extension. If your extension request is accepted, all you need do is pay the interest accrued to date. Then you continue borrowing as normal, interest will continue to accrue. If you’d need an additional cash loan, come in again like before and we can discuss future loan opportunities. Note – the terms and APR may change if this occurs.

What if I can’t repay the loan?
If for any reason you can’t pay-off your pawn loan, then don’t worry, there is no penalty fee. We take possession of your items. There is NO BLACK MARK ON YOUR CREDIT.

For example:
You bring in an electronic device that we agree to lend you $100. We take the device and pay you $100.

If you come in the next day and pay it off, you pay $135, we’ll give you the device back.
If you come in on day 61 and pay $135, we’ll give you the device back.
If you come in on day 61 and pay $35, we’ll extend the terms.
If you don’t come in by day 61, we’ll take ownership of your items, no black mark on your credit.

Kamaaina Loan
96 N Market St
Wailuku, HI 96793

(808) 242-5555

BBB Rating: A+

Our gallery at 96 N. Market Street in Wailuku.


Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm
Saturday 10 am-4 pm (Private Viewing Room by appointment)
Closed Sundays.

Private Viewing Room

For discreet transactions in complete privacy, our Private Viewing Room is the answer. This is particularly appropriate if you desire to pawn or sell very high value items, because we will pick you up in a limousine, take you to a secure, private entrance and conduct the valuation and payment in a private room. Call 242-5555 to arrange a session.