Frequently Asked Questions

How does pawn work?

  1. Bring your items in to pledge
  2. We evaluate and make you an offer to Lend or Purchase
  3. You may redeem your items at any time within 60 days of loan initiation or interest payment.

Find out more about MLA Pawn Loans.

Need to extend the loan?

Simply ask for an extension. If your extension request is accepted, all you need do is pay the interest accrued to date. Then you continue borrowing as normal, interest will continue to accrue.

If you need an additional cash loan, come in again like before and we can discuss future loan opportunities.

Can’t repay the loan?

If for any reason you can’t pay off your loan, then don’t worry, there is no penalty fee. We take possession of your items. There is NO BLACK MARK ON YOUR CREDIT.