Being ‘female friendly’

We have been in pawn shops that do look kind of like a man cave, but we think this story in the Tampa Tribune overstates the novelty of Lauren Myhre’s “female friendly” She Money shop.

Most pawn shops, including our Maui pawn shop, have something like a 50-50 split of men and women customers, if not an absolute majority of women. After all, most pawn customers are working people, and women are in the work force in equal numbers with men.

Still, it couldn’t hurt to cater to half your audience, and Myhre has gone extra steps:

Like most any pawn shop, She Money takes gold, silver and diamond jewelry, but the store accepts high-end costume jewelry, too. Most women don’t have the tools and other items that are staples of the typical pawn shop, but Myhre saw the genuine value in other items they do possess.

“Women don’t always have jewelry to pawn or sell,” Myhre said. “I take a lot of crystal, such as Waterford or Tiffany crystal, as well as designer handbags and sunglasses, figurines, hand-carved wooden pieces, art, sterling silver, pieces of fine furniture, high-end lamps, musical instruments and even high-end cars.”


At Kamaaina Loan, we take most of those things, too, without specially considering ourselves “female friendly.”  Cars are an exception as Hawaii law restricts that, but our retail store has sun glasses, art, designer handbags. Not many lamps, perhaps.

A lot of what any pawn shop accepts as collateral (or will purchase) is unisex. Game systems are an obvious example. We probably get as many Xboxes and Playstations from women as from men, and, in fact, a lot from moms accompanied by their children.