Too much aloha?

So, is this the reason our Maui pawn shop wasn’t selected for a reality TV show? Are we too nice, too?

A Washington pawnbroker who was approached  by a show producer didn’t make the grade:


With TV cameras following her throughout the day, she treated Jodi Flynn and the crew to a lesson in firearms and taser use. “We all had a wonderful time together for those few days, and Jodi really enjoyed herself.”

After several days of filming, Jodi phoned Nancy informing her that Ben’s Loan wouldn’t make the cut. The official verdict: “She’s just too nice.” 

Jodi explained that while Nancy treated her customers with compassion, her staff was extremely caring and professional, and her customers love her, it’s not the sort of thing that audiences come to expect from reality television.

Coming next, “Jerry Springer: Pawn Broker”?