Funny, we get along with the hair salons

From the Des Moines Register, a story about a suburban enclave that denied a business application from a pawn shop, in part because the owner of a hair salon in the same strip mall said

“I think my clientele will be intimidated. A pawn shop is not curb appeal. That’s intimidation.”

Perhaps the people of Windsor Heights are unusually skittish. Kamaaina Loan has peacefully co-existed with Stephanie’s Hair Salon for over 35 years and with Lori’s Hair Shack for over 25 years.

If Mindy Schmitt only knew it, many of her stylists and many of her customers go to pawn shops. Kamaaina Loan’s customer base includes about 10% of the population of Maui, and this is not unusual.

The pawn shop owner announced he would appeal to the local district court (the Iowa equivalent of Hawaii’s circuit court). He will almost certainly win if he does.