Seth Gold on pawnbroking and teevee

Hard Core Pawn’s Seth Gold gave an interview to the National Pawnbrokers Association in which he talks about how he was headed for a career in medicine, in part because he had picked up the negative attitudes toward pawnbroking that were — and still are — so common, even growing up in a pawnbroking family.

But he got — sidetracked hardly seems the right word — back on the family track and ended up in the family business anyway.

Seth Gold at work

Seth Gold at work

He praises the effect of the show on himself and on the pawn  business in general:

Another source of pride for me that stems from our roles as pawnbroking personalities is that visiting a pawn store is now cool. There are so many negative stereotypes surrounding the industry that have been dispelled thanks to reality shows such as ours. When people see our store on television every week, they are not only entertained, but also become open and aware to situations where they themselves might choose to visit their local pawn store.

Hard Core Pawn is an unreal reality show in one sense, at least. The Golds are well-known in the pawn business, and are really sweethearts. All that drama on the screen; that’s Hollywood.

(We are Kamaaina Loan are aware our local readers may not be familiar with Hard Core Pawn, unless they get it via satellite or internet, as Oceanic doesn’t favor it. But the show has the Golds arguing amongst themselves all the time. That’s scripted for them. In real life they get along.)