Keeping up with ‘Pawn Stars’

First, according to formerly famous Alec Baldwin in his last interview in New York magazine, the autograph is dead. Not so, Alec, as we learn from this piece on “Pawn Stars” from the Ceres Courier.

(Ceres is near Turlock in case you haven’t ever been there.)

After indoor taping ended, Sarah and I were escorted to the Old Man’s office as Rick chatted in the hallway. He signed an autograph with few words and posed for a photo.

The rest of the piece is about a newspaper editor’s bid to get on the show. Did you know “Pawn Stars” is numero uno in Argentina?

We didn’t either.

The pawn business is almost universal.

Maybe we’re prejudiced, but we’d rather keep up with the Harrisons than the Kardashians.

Jeff and Sarah with Rick (Ceres Courier photo)

Jeff and Sarah with Rick
(Ceres Courier photo)