Canonization for Big Rich

When correspondent Emily Bott of Maui No Ka Oi magazine asked if she could do a profile of Big Rich for the November-December issue, Rich had no idea he’d be portrayed as the “St. Nick of Market Street.”


Emily riffed off the fact that Saint Nicholas is the patron of pawnbrokers (and sailors). She didn’t tell  Big Rich, however, about St. Nick’s other characteristic: Throwing bags of gold through the windows of poor fathers so they could provide doweries for their marriageable daughters.

Rich likes being St. Nick but he is not planning on throwing bags of gold through anybody’s window.

Nationally, 80 percent of pawnshop clientele reclaim their collateral on time. Dan’s average is 93 percent. “People pawn items they have an attachment to. They prefer to redeem them.” Dan makes it easy to do so. A wall filled with testimonials backs up his claim that “I hear ‘God bless you’ all the time.”

(Photo by Sue Hudelson, courtesy of Maui No Ka Oi magazine)