More teevee pawn

Why not us?

As you may know, Kamaaina Loan shot some trial scenes for a pawn shop reality show. You may even have helped us by bringing in your strange items. While not entirely dead, that one hasn’t been picked up by a producer yet.

Yet another pawn reality show debuted over the holidays, called Game of Pawns, shot in Branson, Missouri.

What caught our attention was not the new wrinkle — it’s a combination of a pawn reality show and a game show —  but its location in a tourist mecca.

With the notable exception of Hard Core Pawn set in Detroit, it seems most of the leading pawn reality shows are in tourist towns — Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, now Branson. What more touristy place to have another than Maui?

We’re ready for our screen test, Mr. DeMille.

On the other hand, according to this other story about the big dog among pawn shows, Pawn Stars, being a pawn star brings with it its own problems:

“Their life has completely changed because of this show,” Mason said. “They used to be just guys working in a pawn shop – now they’re celebrities.”

Now, when they’re taping the show, they have restrictions on who can come in, because they’d never be able to get anything done otherwise. But the extras you see in the background are picked out of the actual crowd.

So if you go, you could be in the background on the show, but they’ll make you sign a waiver and instruct you not to walk around staring into the camera.