Secrets of reality TV

Secrets of reality TV


Most reality TV shows are staged. You knew that, right? I mean, all those coincidences in “The Amazing Race” didn’t just happen.


There’s an exception, though, and it’s right here. Only we need you to make it happen, fo’ real.


On Thursday and Friday (and maybe Saturday, too), Pawn Stories will be filming at Kamaaina Loan. No script, no fakery.


What we are trying to do, however, is to compress the interesting things that really do happen in the pawnshop over a month, or six months into two days – in the interest of efficiency with the production crews.


Thus, we want you to bring your most curious item in and let us give you a reading. Did tutu tell you the diamond in her wedding ring was “perfect”? You always wondered if it really was. Find out.


In reality, Kamaaina Loan does get a lot of curious stuff. Not every day. Jimi likes to talk about atmospheric clocks, “the closest thing to perpetual energy.”


We really do get atmospheric clocks in. We have one on pawn right now, and we purchased another about three years ago.


They’re real but rare.


So what we’d like you to do for us is help us concentrate all that reality into two days. Should be fun.


We’re open 9 a.m.-6 p.m., and the early bird will get the worms.


Call 242-5555 if you have questions.


And, yes, if you have regular business and don’t want to be filmed, we’re setting up a no-camera area.