More ‘Pawn Stars’ soap opera

According to Fox News, “Pawn Stars” dumped Oliva Black because she was formerly a model at the Suicide Girls nude website.

Apparently, she still works at the pawn shop.

We are pretty sure Big Rich has never modeled for Suicide Girls.

When we auditioned for a reality TV show for Kamaaina Loan, we asked the

staff to sign model releases, but nude modeling was not on our minds.

Pawn reality TV coming to Britain

The Pawn Stars franchise has announced it will televise a British version. The original, Nevada-based Pawn Stars is already big in Britain.

Apparently, television viewers just cannot get enough of us fascinating pawnbrokers — or is it the customers who keep them tuning in? In any event,

“We’re excited that Leftfield Pictures will be producing this new, original version of History’s most successful global brand,” Christian Murphy, senior VP of international programming and marketing for A&E Networks, said in a statement, reports WorldScreen. “This commission establishes a new model whereby History channels around the world will own this phenomenal franchise extension.”

It’s always nice to be a part of history.



Reality TV fight

According to gossip site TMZ, Wayne Jefferies, one-time manager of the Pawn Stars crew is suing them. The split came earlier this year:

But according to the suit, things fell apart earlier this year  . . . when network honchos became upset over a story Jefferies claims he leaked to TMZ. The story detailed how the “Pawn Stars” cast was blindsided when they learned A&E had commissioned a “Cajun Pawn Stars” spinoff.

First we’ve heard about Cajun Pawn Stars. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to watch hot pawn action around the clock.

More pawn reality TV

According to Zap2it, truTV is about to introduce yet another pawn shop reality show, Hard Core Pawn: Chicago:

Hardcore Pawn: ChicagoHardcore Pawn: Chicago – New series premieres Tuesday, Dec. 18, at 9:30 p.m. (ET/PT)
Hardcore Pawn: Chicago takes viewers behind the scenes at “the baddest pawn shop in Chicago.” One of the city’s largest and oldest establishments in the pawn and gold-buying business, Royal Pawn Shop is owned by Randy and Wayne Cohen, two brothers who don’t always see eye to eye, except when it comes to finding the best deals for the business. These over-the-top siblings will wheel and deal with just about anyone, from a sweet kindergarten teacher to an intimidating mob boss. Hardcore Pawn: Chicago comes to truTV from Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment. 


The original Hard Core Pawn is in Detroit, and is reported to be one of truTV’s biggest hits. Well, more power to ’em. I cannot see a “Hard Core Pawn: Maui” in anybody’s future, though.

That other reality TV pawn shop

Crowds flock to Las Vegas pawn shop

Pawn Stars shop flooded with customers and celebrity hunters

Right. While we’re working on turning Kamaaina Loan into a reality TV show, that other shop in Las Vegas is livin’ the life.

Now, it is, they are selling the stuff you’ve seen them buy on the show online.

Not sure why this is news; most pawnshops, ours included, have an online department.

Still, you might prefer to buy on line than to visit. We’re told that up to 4,000 Lookie Lous pass through the pawn shop a day, thanks to the popularity of Pawn Stars. The business has had to hire guards to separate the celebrity-seekers from the real customers. One stream to the left, one to the right.

Laughing all the way to the bank, we’re sure.


Real reality bites

Know what this is and how much it's worth?

A ribbon issued to welcome US Navy sailors to Honolulu during the war with Spain.

The excitement is building, but a little nervousness, too, as we prep Kamaaina Loan for filming the Pawn Stories reality TV show Thursday. As we said earlier, this is real reality, no script.

Now that we’re about to go on camera, the idea of a script begins to show its advantages.

 With a script, you not only know for sure you’ll be getting something, but you know what it will be. You can cheat a little and do some research beforehand. Come Thursday, we’ll be working the flying trapeze without a net: If you bring in a whatzis that we’ve never seen before, we might be stumped. Or not. There are a lot of reference books upstairs, and with a combined cenjury or so of experience, there are not that many things that have never come over the counter before.

It doesn’t have to be bizarre, though.

What's this Hawaiiana item and what is it worth?

Hawaiiana item

Hawaiiana items are sure to be a hit with the Mainlanders. Come on by, starting at 9 a.m. Thursday, 9 a.m. again Friday and 10 a.m. Saturday.

(What’s the weirdest thing anyone ever brought in? Hard to say, but the Egyptian sarcophagus has to be a contender. It took a while, but we found a buyer for it.)




Secrets of reality TV

Secrets of reality TV


Most reality TV shows are staged. You knew that, right? I mean, all those coincidences in “The Amazing Race” didn’t just happen.


There’s an exception, though, and it’s right here. Only we need you to make it happen, fo’ real.


On Thursday and Friday (and maybe Saturday, too), Pawn Stories will be filming at Kamaaina Loan. No script, no fakery.


What we are trying to do, however, is to compress the interesting things that really do happen in the pawnshop over a month, or six months into two days – in the interest of efficiency with the production crews.


Thus, we want you to bring your most curious item in and let us give you a reading. Did tutu tell you the diamond in her wedding ring was “perfect”? You always wondered if it really was. Find out.


In reality, Kamaaina Loan does get a lot of curious stuff. Not every day. Jimi likes to talk about atmospheric clocks, “the closest thing to perpetual energy.”


We really do get atmospheric clocks in. We have one on pawn right now, and we purchased another about three years ago.


They’re real but rare.


So what we’d like you to do for us is help us concentrate all that reality into two days. Should be fun.


We’re open 9 a.m.-6 p.m., and the early bird will get the worms.


Call 242-5555 if you have questions.


And, yes, if you have regular business and don’t want to be filmed, we’re setting up a no-camera area.