Postmortem on the reality shoot

Bob McCullough of Pawn  Stories says he got enough good footage in 2 days to fill 3 30-minute shows  (with 22 or 23 minutes of program per show).

Our customers came through like champions.

Pick of the litter were 2 Father Damien postcards that were authenticated by out expert and valued at several hundred dollars.

So check the back of your desk drawer for old postcards, yeagh?

Dog of the days was probably the old home-remedy case containing about 20 vials of medicines that go back to the days of ancient Greece and beyond, like nux vomica (an emetic) and aconite (a nasty poison).

Most of the vials were empty, but the one marked “opium” still had 7 tablets in it. Our customer hadn’t noticed that.

The tablets may have been about 100 years old, and no doubt the opium has lost its potency by now. But we had to tell him, “We cannot buy opium.”

Stay tuned for even more news about reality pawn television.

Father Damien




The cameras are rolling!

Amber and Carl

Pawn Stories camera crew Amber Smith and Carl Johnson ready to work

As of 8 this morning, the Pawn Stories crew was at work, filming behind-the-scenes at the pawnshop.

When Kamaaina Loan opened its doors at 9, there was not a line of people carrying stuffed monkeys, but there was a short line of regular customers coming in to make and pay off loans.  We’re hoping the cinematic element grows as the day wears on.

Pawn Stories cameraman Carl Johnson and his sidekick and second camerawoman Amber Smith were impessed by the Iao Valley rainforest, which they hope to hike before they leave the island.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Carl.

Carl and Amber have been filming pawn operations for Pawn Stories for years now, and they’ve never seen anything like Kamaaina Loan. But, as Carl noted, every pawn business is different.


Comb through your attic, then your hair . . .

. . . and then bring yourself and your strangest or most interesting possession down to Kamaaina Loan on Thursday or Friday. You’ll want to comb your  hair because you can be on TV.

Reality TV production company Pawn Stories will be videoing in our shop both days, and you can be part of the show!


No kidding, Most reality shows are scripted, wholly or totally (you knew that, right?>), but not this one. Our customers and staff will do what they do, and the cameras will catch it.

If you prefer to keep off camera but have business anyway (like paying off a loan and reclaiming a pawn), we will have a separate, camera-free area for you.

We’re combing our hair, too, and looking to have a lot of fun, and we’d like you to be part of it. And stay for Wailuku First Friday.

Join us and be on reality TV

All our customers, old and new, and friends are invited to take part in filming of a “sizzle” episode of a reality TV series based on pawnbrokers (wonder where that idea came from?).

A Mainland production crew will be on North Market Street Thursday and Friday, Sept. 6 & 7. And, if the action warrants it, on Saturday, Sept. 8, too.

So bring your most interesting, unique and outrageous items down and let one of our professionals review it for a pawn or a sale.

This show is completely unscripted. The producer tells us, what he sees, he tapes.

There will be video releases, so if you don’t want to be famous, we won’t force it on you. But we are anticipating a fun two days, and maybe many more if the show goes into series production.

Show your Maui spirit and be a star!

Or, if you are a regular customer, just come down and be regular. Kamaaina Loan will be in normal operation during the taping.