The cameras are rolling!

Amber and Carl

Pawn Stories camera crew Amber Smith and Carl Johnson ready to work

As of 8 this morning, the Pawn Stories crew was at work, filming behind-the-scenes at the pawnshop.

When Kamaaina Loan opened its doors at 9, there was not a line of people carrying stuffed monkeys, but there was a short line of regular customers coming in to make and pay off loans.  We’re hoping the cinematic element grows as the day wears on.

Pawn Stories cameraman Carl Johnson and his sidekick and second camerawoman Amber Smith were impessed by the Iao Valley rainforest, which they hope to hike before they leave the island.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Carl.

Carl and Amber have been filming pawn operations for Pawn Stories for years now, and they’ve never seen anything like Kamaaina Loan. But, as Carl noted, every pawn business is different.


Real reality bites

Know what this is and how much it's worth?

A ribbon issued to welcome US Navy sailors to Honolulu during the war with Spain.

The excitement is building, but a little nervousness, too, as we prep Kamaaina Loan for filming the Pawn Stories reality TV show Thursday. As we said earlier, this is real reality, no script.

Now that we’re about to go on camera, the idea of a script begins to show its advantages.

 With a script, you not only know for sure you’ll be getting something, but you know what it will be. You can cheat a little and do some research beforehand. Come Thursday, we’ll be working the flying trapeze without a net: If you bring in a whatzis that we’ve never seen before, we might be stumped. Or not. There are a lot of reference books upstairs, and with a combined cenjury or so of experience, there are not that many things that have never come over the counter before.

It doesn’t have to be bizarre, though.

What's this Hawaiiana item and what is it worth?

Hawaiiana item

Hawaiiana items are sure to be a hit with the Mainlanders. Come on by, starting at 9 a.m. Thursday, 9 a.m. again Friday and 10 a.m. Saturday.

(What’s the weirdest thing anyone ever brought in? Hard to say, but the Egyptian sarcophagus has to be a contender. It took a while, but we found a buyer for it.)