A pawnbroker with a heart of platinum

Most of our customers don’t have even one gold album, let alone 5 platinum ones, so this incident from the Top Cash Pawn Shop in Plano, Texas, is unlikely to be repeated at Kamaaina Loan. But it’s a wonderful little story.

According to the Plano Star-Courier, it seems rapper D.O.C. left his five — count ’em 5 — platinum albums with a friend during a move and then lost track of the friend. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Years pass. Taylor Packwood of Top Cash Pawn makes a loan on the albums, which is renewed for years and years but eventually forfeited.

More time passes. Long story short, a D.O.C. fan spots the albums, uses social media to alert the musician, and Packwood says he’ll return them to the star, no charge.

“They’re both just in shock, No. 1, that they wound up here, but that they actually found them,” Packwood said. “What they’ve told me is that there are a few more out there somewhere, five more matching gold plaques.”