Crazy for love, maybe?



I think this guy wanted to be caught:

Police found that the suspect (in a burglary of a Black River Falls, Wis, pawn shop) cut himself on the broken glass and left blood evidence inside the store. Police collected samples of the blood and processed them as evidence, along with the pipe the suspect used to break in.

During the investigation, Black River Falls police developed information about an individual who had been involved in a domestic abuse case who fled on a bicycle outside of the City. It was believed that the same suspect, Colvin, might be involved in both incidents.

Black River Falls police worked with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and found Colvin at the Black River Falls Gaming Casino. Police said Colvin “was wearing a cluster of decorative rings on his fingers and had a fresh cut to his hand.” Colvin was taken into custody and medically treated for his cut hand.

And speaking of burglary, I was looking over the Maui police reports of stolen items taken in burglaries in October. (They give us the list in case someone wants to sell one, which happens but not often.)

It was a short list, which is good. But the number of items that the owner had kept a serial number for was even shorter: One.

Not all burglars are love-stricken mooncalfs who want to be punished like Shane Colvin of Black River Falls. (And that’s Shane Colvin not the singer Shawn Colvin, who in any case is a girl.) Most want to get away with your stuff, and you make their work easier and the police work harder by not recording serial numbers, and taking photographs and putting secret marks on your stuff.

Pawnbrokers do take “reported stolen” lists seriously because in many jurisdictions they take the loss if a stolen item is found in their inventory. But “two old silver coins” — which was on the Maui watch list in September — isn’t helpful.


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