Do we have too much aloha?

The short answer is no. But a story at the National Pawnbrokers Association website got us to thinking about our experiences with reality television.

We have been approached four times by producers, and have done a “sizzle,” which is a short, hot pitch to be shopped around. Well, we are still sitting at the counter of Schraft’s, sipping on a malted and waiting to be discovered.

Our little Maui pawn shop is not alone.

Nancy Cejudo, the woman owner of Ben’s Pawn (yeah, Ben; she bought the business from a man), also had a look-see with a producer and, like Kamaaina Loan, was left waiting at the altar.

In an interview for the NPA blog, she declared the producer (also a woman) told her:

 “She’s just too nice.”

Not the worst kind of rejection note, but a rejection all the same.

The producer told her:


“Reality TV will continue to be exactly what it is. Some shows will be more compassionate than others.”

Probablky the best way to get picked would be to act like Jerry Springer and throw chairs, but we don’t plan on doing that. Farewell fame. It was nice to meet ya.

Just as well, maybe. The other day, we were looking at a reality TV fan site ( and reading the fan (if that’s the right word) comments on Hardcore Pawn. Now, we know the Hardcore Pawn folks and they are as nice as could be. All the nastiness on the tube is an act.

Some watchers don’t get it, which, we guess, the producers and advertisers count on. Anyhow, if this is what it would mean to get on the tube, maybe we’ll pass:

Ashley u r the worst person on the planet you rank right next to Satan that’s how evil you r

Next to Satan? Man, that’s harsh. The rest of the comments are just about as cruel. And, they don’t speak very well for the schools the Hardcore Pawn audience went to.

Greet each customer with a smile

Greet each customer with a smile