If that’s a 4-foot-long catfish, we must be in Indiana

An Indiana pawn shop has started a reality TV show about itself for local cablevision.

Early submissions were a large stuffed catfish and a phony check not written, as claimed, by George Washington. Sounds interesting.

In case you’re wondering about the reality pawn show that Kamaaina Loan auditioned for in October, things are progressing. The “sizzle” (TV lingo for a short sampler used to try to interest producers in watching a longer pilot show) has been turned down by several networks but not all. Several appointments are scheduled in the next few weeks to keep hunting for a home.

We had a great time meeting folks who brought their unusual treasures to us for our sizzle to promote a Maui pawn reality show

No, no, no, not that kind of stuffed catfish

and are grateful no one asked us to place a value on a stuffed catfish ($450 in Indiana). A stuffed marlin we could have dealt with.