Mean streets

As Kamaaina Loan blog has noted many times, a pawnshop is a stupid place to try to fence stolen goods, since you have to leave your picture ID, thumbprint, address and phone number — not to mention your performance on the surveillance camera for the burglary squad to enjoy.

But pawnshops are also a poor choice if you are planning to rob somebody. Most American pawnshops deal in firearms, so the people behind the counter are familiar with how guns work.

This is not true for Hawaii, where pawnbrokers mostly choose not to deal in firearms. But in Hawaii, armed stickups are thankfully rare anyhow.

In the tough town of Hamtramck, Michigan, three robbers chose the low odds approach, according to this report from the local Channel 2.

It seems ALL the pawnshop employees were packing heat, and before it was over, one robber was shot dead and the others were in cuffs.

But it was  business as usual for Hamtramck, where, according to the police chief Garbarino:

“It’s not too often we get things like this in Hamtramck. Most of our shop owners are armed around here, not to mention our police response is under 30 seconds. In fact, we were here within 30 seconds of getting the call.”

The story does not say, but presumably the pawnshop had a silent alarm that someone tripped when the bad guys came in.

There’s an easier way to get cash from a pawnbroker — bring in something you own (even burglars must own something), and take out a pawn loan.

Mike's. Don't mess with him

Mike’s. Don’t mess with him