Should you line up to buy silver?


You might have to, according to this report from Numismatic News:

Rationing the supply of new 2014 silver American Eagle bullion coins might return if current extraordinary demand for them continues.

The real question is not whether you should wait in line but whether you should buy now. All we can say is, silver is priced much lower than it was two years ago. It has declined more rapidly than gold.

Taking the end of 2012 as a somewhat arbitrary point, silver is down by nearly half, while gold is down by less than a third. Still, either is only a bargain today if the price is not going to go much lower. Who knows?

Numismatic News attributes the latest boomlet in Silver Eagle sales to bargain-hunting spurred by low prices. The number of eagles sold in September was 4.1 million (or around $65-67 million, not a huge amount compared to what flows into mutual funds).

At our Maui pawn shop, we are agnostic about the price trend. We will sell if you want to buy, or buy if you want to sell, and take our chances on the market.

What we do promise is that we will beat any other offer on Maui. Shop around but see us last.silver-coins

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