And soon, a daily pawn show in cable TV

America’s thirst for pawn shops shows appears to be limitless. History, truTV and TLC already produce a variety of weekly shows. Now, CMT has announced a daily show, to be called “Win or Lose Pawn.”

A publicity photo shows a palm tree, but evidently this is not going to be Hawaii’s entry in the pawn TV derby. The show is being cast in Southern California, and Television Blend reports that its producers are looking for “two sorts of people: those who are looking to pawn an item and those who simply want to get an appraisal of a, hopefully big ticket, item.”

Sounds real. That’s what happens every day in Kamaaina Loan’s pawn shop.

“Win or Lose Pawn” is being birthed by a producer known for shows such as “Shark Tank.” Television Blend, however, is skeptical:

This show is coming at the wrong end of the pawn shop phase and I only see a long, hard road ahead.

Hey, here’s an idea, Hollywood. How about a pawn shop show that instead of being concocted and staged and produced, shows what really happens in a pawn shop. We think it would be interesting. You know, not reality, but real.