Fun, fun, fun

Kandi and Bob share jewelry tips

Kandi of Kamaaina Loan and Bob McCullough of Pawn Stories, both veteran jewelry salesmen, trade tips at our store Thursday. Bob is showing the size of an ivory tusk he bought one time.

First day of shooting for Pawn Stories is in the can. Nobody showed up with a knickknack from tutu’s attic that was really a rare artifact worth $50,000, but we had fun anyway.

Filming continues today (but not Saturday), and you do NOT have to bring an item to take part. One customer brought her voice and sang an aria from “La Boheme.” Very loud.

Bob McCullough, owner of the Pawn Stories production company, says that was not unique. He has had one other singer show up for his reality show. Not La Boheme, though.

We are no threat to “American Idol.”

Tonight is First Friday on Market Street, so we will be here and be busy all day. Stop by and join the fun.