Farewell to 2014, a ‘meh’ year for gold

At Kamaaina Loan we look forward to 2015, because gold has got to have a better year than the one it just had.


Of course, we make loans and buy gold whether it is up or down, but like most people (bears excepted) we like the price to be up. That allows us to lend our customers more, or pay them more for their gold. They like that and we like it.

Gold started the year around $1230 an ounce. (The charts are available from In March it made a run up to $1380, but on the last day of the year it swooned, finishing at a disappointing $1182.

Well, it’s a new year and a fresh start and we wish you well and hope to see you sometime. We will deal for gold, however you want, and as always offer the best deals on the island, with aloha.

Hauoli makahiki hou!