Exploiting Native Hawaiians

Ian Lind (at has a good report from the trial of the Hawaiiloa Foundation  (which is on Oahu although the actions originated on Maui) and it is worth your time to read.

The Maui News has not caught up with this story.

Lind (a retired newspaper reporter now blogging local issues) examined some of the documents used to collect fees to “save” Hawaiians from having to pay mortgages. His conclusion:

Both claim to draw authority from a hodgepodge of sources from Hawaiian royal land patents to the Magna Carta, and both include an “Insurance and Indemnity Bond of Ownership” claiming to draw on $300 million “of lawful specie alloy or exchange in market currency” via the “Hawaiian Treasury: Waihona Waiwai, backed in gold, silver and national securities derived fro 33/1/3% kanaka vested lands, resources and rights.”

The two documents are essentially identical, with the appearance of a legalistic form filled with obscure and sometimes nonsensical gobbledygook.

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