Dumb criminals

From Florida, a story about a burglar who thought he’d fence the sterling silver he’d robbed at a pawn shop.

It didn’t faze him that the pawnbroker demanded that he produce a driver’s license and give a thumb print. (The same procedure is required by law in Hawaii and followed rigorously at Kamaaina Loan.)

Perhaps he thought, they’ll never connect the dots. Little did he know.

All the local detectives had to do — once the victim had reported the loss and provided some identifying information (in this case, a “D” monogram on the silver flatware) — was look in Pawn FINDER for a record of a pawnshop acquisition of a set of flatware with a D monogram.

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There are a number of electronic pawn reports in use around the country. Kamaaina Loan has one of the oldest — two actually, one in a secure server for access by Maui law enforcement,, which is similar to Pawn FINDER; and another, public free service for victims,, where victims of theft crimes can post (after filing a police report) information about what was lost.

It’s one thing for a burglar to leave a fingerprint for police to find at the scene. It’s a higher level of stupidity to give up a fingerprint on purpose when fencing the swag. But there are some really stupid criminals out there.