We’re here to help: Spend your gift cards however you want

It’s that time of the year again, the holiday season of gift giving and receiving. There are those people who love to shop and can find that perfect gift for that special friend, sister, or brother in-law. Others may feel a little overwhelmed this time of year, trying to with find the perfect gift for every niece, aunty, and cousin. Fortunately, there is the convenient option of sending a gift card. With so many gift card options, you can buy a gift card from your favorite coffee shop or retail clothing store or even a grocery store. Gift cards are seen as a more personal gift than putting cash in a Christmas card, but they save time shopping during this busy season.


But what if you receive a gift card for a store where you don’t shop? If you are the recipient of a gift card this holiday season and don’t know what to do with it, you may end up tucking it away in a drawer. If you forget about old gift cards, they may expire after 5 years. So don’t let that money go to waste!


Instead, bring your gift cards to Kamaaina Loan and Cash for Gold. We will be happy to take that gift card and give you cash in return. We have a process at their location in Main Street in Wailuku to check the balance on that gift card; just in case you may have used it and forgot how much was left on the balance. Once we find its value, we’ll give you cash in-hand, or you can use any gift cards towards your purchase of jewelry, a musical instrument or a pre-owned luxury handbags.

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