Stuck with Unused Gift Cards – Turn Them in For Cash

When it comes to gifts, purchasing and giving a gift card makes shopping for any occasion quick, easy, and best of all convenient. On the other hand, if you are the recipient of a gift card and have no plans to use it, you may not realize its value. You may even feel it will only go to waste or it will just collect dust in some corner in your miscellaneous drawer. Before you decide to toss it in the trash, bring it to Kamaaina Loan & Cash For Gold. We will check the balance with our online system and pay you cash for the value of the gift card. It’s that simple. And since we here at Kamaaina Loan & Cash For Gold have been in business for 44 years, you know where to go to turn your gift cards in.



  • What if I made a minimal purchase but there is still an unused balance? Can I still turn it in? Kamaaina Loan will verify the balance on the card first, then give you cash for that card.


  • What if my unused gift card is for a business that is not located on Maui. Can I still turn it in? Yes, Kamaaina Loan will accept a wide variety of gift cards, even for retail or restaurant chains that do not have a local presence on Maui.


  • Will Kamaaina Loan & Cash For Gold also accept VISA gift cards for cash? Yes, VISA gift cards are also welcomed to be turned in for cash.


  • What if I cannot remember how much my gift card is worth? Kamaaina Loan will verify the balance with their online system.


  • Is there any kind of gift card Kamaaina Loan & Cash for Gold will not accept? Yes, if the card is expired. If you’re not sure, bring it in and we will check it first.