Can you pawn wine?


Not at our Maui pawn shop, where gold, watches, surfboards and fine art are accepted. But Kamaaina Loan would need a license from the Maui County Department of Liquor Control to make a loan on wine.

But just because you cannot do it here does not mean it cannot be done. According to this report, a few pawn shops are in the business of lending on fine wines.

They have to be stored properly:

The market here was investment-grade wines with good provenance that have been stored at a secure climate-controlled facility. The wine acts as security for a loan equal to a percentage of its market value. Pay back the loan and get back the wine (which may not have physically moved from the wine warehouse when it is stored). Fail to pay the loan and the pawn shop owns the wine.

And, no, you cannot raise scratch on your carefully hoarded collection of Mad Dog 20-20. Anywhere.

When the late Dick Tuell was auctioning off abandoned property, he would occasionally spot a half bottle of whiskey. (Yes, people do put whiskey in storage.) He was always scrupulous in saying that the bids for the storage locker did not include the booze. That was thrown in free, to avoid violating the county’s licensing law.