Another pawn shop movie

There are not a lot of films set in pawn shops. The best known, “The Pawnbroker” with Rod Steiger, is not admired by pawnbrokers, because it portrays them as grasping and cold, which they think is unrealistic.

Now there is another, called — what else? — “Pawn Shop.” We haven’t seen it, but it doesn’t sound very realistic either.

Pawn Shop tells the story of Rey (Garrett Morris) who has been working in the same pawn shop for nearly 30 years. In all that time, he’s refused to let his adult son Mike (Foolish) become his own man. These days, Mike earns his keep working in the shop, where he’s constantly bickering with his cheapskate dad and his eccentric co-worker Tony (Cool Aide). But trouble starts to brew when someone swipes local thug Pierre’s ( Joe Torry ) jewelry right out from under his nose, and police accuse Mike of dealing in stolen property. Now, with the law closing in on one side and Pierre looking for blood on the other, Mike is about to discover why doing the best thing isn’t always the easiest thing.


But at least it’s supposed to be funny.

Not all that funny, evidently, since it went straight to DVD.

Ah, well, we pawnbrokers will have to keep seeking our muse.