Mark your calender and be on TV with us

Just a reminder that Pawn Stories Inc. will be filming two (possibly three) days of reality TV at Kamaaina Loan & Cash for Gold, and YOU’RE INVITED!

Here’s how to enhance your chances: Bring something interesting — rare, valuable, odd, even kooky — and show it to our pawnbrokers. There will be two (sometimes 3) cameras rolling, taking it all in. Unlike some of the pawn shows you’ve seen, this one is NOT scripted. The producers want to see pawning in paradise, by real people acting the way they really act when the cameras are not around.

If you can talk story, all the better.

OK, here’s a backstage secret. The producer, Bob McCullough, does not script. However, sometimes, when an interaction is really good, he may ask the participants to repeat what they said, to get good audio. In real life, sound recording can be tricky.

Let’s say, though, that you have to do a pawn or sale transaction for the usual reasons — you need cash — and you don’t want it on video. No problem. Kamaaina Loan will be in regular operation, with a separate location next door where the cameras won’t be. Your choice: Be a pawn star, or don’t be a pawn star.

The film schedule is Thursday, Sept. 6, and Friday, Sept. 7, during regular business hours, which are 9 am to 6 pm. Your chances of being filmed are better earlier in the day.

Be sure to stick around for Wailuku First Friday, which is also slated to be filmed.

We will film on Saturday, Sept. 8, if necessary.

Anyone agreeing to take part will be asked to sign a standard video release. It should be fun and we look forward to seeing old friends. Even if you don’t have an item to present, bring yourself and say Howzzit!