‘I learn something new every day’

I bought a fountain pen, so I went to Office Max to get a bottle of ink. The very young clerk was eager to help, but she didn’t know what a fountain pen was.

“I never heard of that,” said she.

A slightly okler clerk came to our rescue, but it turned out the store had only ink cartridges, not bottled ink. The clerk advised me to try Ben Franklin.

Ben Franklin had bottled India ink, but in a locked cabinet. “You need to lock up the ink?” I asked,

“The kids steal it,” the very helpful clerk said. “They use it for tattoos with a pin.”

I learn something new every day.

(Our Maui Gold Buyers store at 98 North Market sells new, professional tattoo gun outfits for a reasonable price. Don’t steal ink. If you are going to tattoo, do it right.)