First Friday review

Despite looking a little overcast, the weather was perfect for First Friday. By the time First Friday Cam (also known as went live around 6:45, North Market Street was filled with people, strolling in ideal 72 degree temperatures and soothed by a mild breeze.

Compared with First Friday in February, it seemed there were more children out on March 2, and Jason Schwartz and Harry Eagar kidded around with about a dozen of them. They also interviewed Megan and Jackie from Wailuku Coffe Co.

And the tables were turned when Jason and Harry were interviewed by Marcel and KJ, roving deejays from station KMAR-FM in Las Vegas, who were on Market Street to see what was shakin’.

Visitors from Alberta, Cincinnati, California, Kula, Haiku and even Wailuku stopped by the First Friday cam to wave to their friends.