Your questions about pawning answered

Tens of thousands of people have pawned property at Kamaaina Loan/Cash for Gold. Literally, tens of thousands.

But tens of thousands more have never made a pawn loan at all. And naturally, if you’re one of them, you have questions before you try it.

Like: OK, I’m pawning my (wedding ring, power tools, surfboard, guitar etc.), but I want it back. How do I know I’ll get it?

First, by dealing with the oldest established pawn shop on Maui – 36 years.

Second, all pawned items are stored in our insured and secure warehouse.

Third, if you forget the redemption date, you’ll get a reminder to come in, pay back your loan and retrieve your valuables.

Watch this space for more answers to questions newbies have about in the pawn world.

I can see for miles and miles

At our store at 96 N. Market, find a unique (in Hawaii) set of Russian border guard binoculars. You’d have to go to to Siberia to find another pair.

These massive optics are perfect for watching whales from your lanai, detecting smugglers, or maybe watching a bird — if it holds real still.

And that’s not the only item you’ll discover in our store that you cannot find anywhere else in the islands.


We’re not like the mall

Is your sweetie special? Are you going to the mall to buy her a Valentine’s Day gift just like the one you saw on TV that 2 million other girls are going to get?

Come to Cash for Gold and find her something as special as she is. We have jewelry unlike what you’ll see at the mall.

52 North Market Street, Wailuku

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