Local boy makes good

Don Nelson is going into the National Basketball Association Hall of Fame.

OK, so Nellie isn’t a born-and-raised, but more than almost any other celebrity retiree to Maui, he’s taken an open and obvious part in community life, particularly business. So let’s declare him a local boy by adoption and congratulate him.

No place like Maui for lunch

The sign at Treats and Sweets in Kahului warns about the mangoes, doesn’t mention the wild chickens underfoot.

Eat dessert first. The Coconut Isle sundae is a good choice: soft serve vanilla, chocolate syrup, pecans and coconut.

If you haven’t been to Treats and Sweets, it’s just about the last place on Maui that serves french fries old local style, with ketchup and mustard.

When it opened nearly 50 years ago, as a Dairy Queen, it was mobbed by thousands of people. Fast food was new here then,

It’s a step back in time.


Join us and be on reality TV

All our customers, old and new, and friends are invited to take part in filming of a “sizzle” episode of a reality TV series based on pawnbrokers (wonder where that idea came from?).

A Mainland production crew will be on North Market Street Thursday and Friday, Sept. 6 & 7. And, if the action warrants it, on Saturday, Sept. 8, too.

So bring your most interesting, unique and outrageous items down and let one of our professionals review it for a pawn or a sale.

This show is completely unscripted. The producer tells us, what he sees, he tapes.

There will be video releases, so if you don’t want to be famous, we won’t force it on you. But we are anticipating a fun two days, and maybe many more if the show goes into series production.

Show your Maui spirit and be a star!

Or, if you are a regular customer, just come down and be regular. Kamaaina Loan will be in normal operation during the taping.