Thank you for making us Number One

Thank you readers of Maui Time Weekly for voting Kamaaina Loan Cash for Gold the best “Green Business” on Maui. Not only do we deal in “green” providing affordable loans to the people of Maui, all of our merchandise is recycled.

From Maui Time: “My first encounter with Kamaaina Loans and Cash for Gold was something out of a bad sitcom. I was shocked, how could there be a tie for best ‘green’ business? And both of them are pawnshops? Imagine my embarrassment learned the truth. It was like thinking I was dating twins, only to find out they were the same person. Kamaaina Loan/Cash For Gold provides a professional alternative to banks. Get it? They deal in ‘green’ every day. They offer accountable services, at competitive rates and have been in business for over 35 years.”

The editor is right. Pawnshops are the original green businesses, in the sense that everything is recycled. (Well, almost everything. Our shops do stock a few new items.)

And it appears that some people filled out their forms using one name — Kamaaina Loan — and some another — Cash for Gold. But both are the same business, and when the winners were announced, the owner, Big Rich, was at the National Pawnbrokers Association trade show in Las Vegas, scoping out new services and systems to serve you even better in the future.

Because while our merchandise is recycled, the systems in the back office that support the operation have to be up-to-date.