Sleepy time gal

Kamaaina Loan’s live “sleeping beauty” was the hit of Wailuku First Friday. We weren’t sure exactly how the crowd would react, but the living window display had something for everybody.

Parents brought their keiki to see the sleeping girl, and young adults sought out our staff to ask: “Is she real?”

Indeed, she is. And “sleeping beauty” will be back in the sack from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the next several weeks, if you would like to drop by.

(There is a stable of sleeping beauties, not all of them beautiful girls. Some will be beautiful guys.)

There’s something compelling, apparently, about watching somebody else sleep in public.

The sleeping beauty is making a point: She sleeps contentedly because she knows that the valuables she left with Kamaaina Loan are safe in a bonded, insured warehouse. When she awakes and comes in to reclaim them, they will be there.

Not every pawn shop on Maui can say as much.